6 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

I love Pinterest. But I use it very egocentrically. As I scan through pins of chicken recipes, ombre hairstyles and cats in weird situations, I never try to interact with other people. I regularly update my 8 boards, each with dozens of pins, but I have 5 followers. (I know that is embarrassing)

This is NOT the best way to use a social media platform.

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I want my Pinterest experience to be more engaging, so I decided to do some research on how to gain followers.

According to Post Planner and Social Media Examiner there are a few tips you can use to get followers:

  1. Create original content

With 80% of posts on Pinterest being repins, adding your own content adds to the social media platform and gets you noticed. Until recently, I have never added my own content. My experience on Pinterest consisted of searching topics and pinning whatever stroked my fancy at the moment. But, adding original content is easy. The gray plus sign at the bottom right corner allows users to upload a personal photo or find a website to create a pin. Posts that do best on Pinterest include infographics.

  1. Repin!

After you add your own content, appreciate others’ pins. Pinning other people’s content is a large part of the Pinterest world. By sharing their content, a user is more likely to follow you. Also, it is important to comment on each pin using key words about the pin with a unique way it relates to your own life.

  1. Follow other Pinners

Don’t sit around and wait for people to notice you! Search for people with similar interests or people that follow you on a different social media platforms. They might follow you in return.

  1. Use keywords in your descriptions

As I stated before, writing descriptions is important. Make your pins searchable with terms that accurately describe your pin. Think about what users would type into Google to find your pin. Use those keywords together. For example, if you pin twinkle lights, write “dorm room twinkle lights” instead of “twinkle lights for your dorm room” in the comment section. Pinterest also uses keywords from the domain name of the pin when you search. If you search “cats” a pin will come up if the website is www.crazycats.com. Making your pins easier to find means it more likely people will follow you.



  1. Comment on popular pins

Caring about other people’s content leaves an impression. Write thoughtful and relevant comments on a popular pin.

  1. Mention people

Similarly to Twitter and Facebook, you can mention people in a pin. If you know the original source of the pin, tag them! This pulls in attention and can lead to more followers

Pinterest is a great place to build a community around common interests, but you have to be willing to seek out that community. The bottom line is that extra effort is needed. Repinning and waiting for other pinners to follow you is unrealistic. Whether you have 5 or 500 followers, these tips should help you gain more!




2 thoughts on “6 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

  1. Hey,

    This was something I was really interested in after we briefly talked about it in class. Pinterest is more of anomaly when comes to social media. I never quite understood how to gain followers on this platform.

    I’m glad you wrote about this because like I said I wondering the right way to do this. I realize now that I have never posted original content onto Pinterest. I think I might just try to do that and see what will happen!

    –Myah Cummings


  2. I wonder if this is the future of Pinterest. Now, I feel like the only professional use of Pinterest is to show employers/clients your ideas. For example, my aunt produces print advertisements. Her Pinterest is a reflection of her company because she has boards about advertising inspirations, set design inspirations, as well her own work. Alternately, my friend who is a graphic design major uses her Pinterest to show future employers where she gets her inspiration, what type of design style she is attracted to, etc. This only works for visual fields, though. Maybe with the tips you’ve outlined, people in these fields can become a sort of “Pinterest star,” kind of like a Youtube one. An interior designer can upload all of their work and share and give advice and build a solid following on Pinterest. For now, though, I feel as though having Pinterest as a medium to showcase your interests and work is more effective than trying to build your Pinterest profile.


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