Getting a Job from Someone Who Has One

~ For my second blog post I interviewed a recent college graduate who has a job and is living in Boston Massachusetts. I thought it would be valuable for many of us finishing up our final semester and looking for jobs to see what she did to land a job!

~ Kelsey is a marketing associate at Kyruus, Inc., a solutions company that helps hospitals and health systems optimize their Patient Access, Referral Management, and Care Coordination operations. After graduating from West Virginia University in 2014, she set out to find a job in a big city and landed in Boston, Massachusetts.


Boston, MA

~ Currently at Kyruus Kelsey holds many of the marketing, sales, advertising, and communication responsibilities. This includes:

  • Creating of marketing and sales collateral, including blog posts, press releases, print and digital campaigns, presentation materials, website content, and reports.
  • Tracking of multi-channel marketing metrics to optimize lead generation efforts
  • Leveraging marketing campaigns through tools like Mailchimp,, and WordPress
  • Maintaining Kyruus’ social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Q: What do you give most credit to in finding a job?

A: Always saying “yes” to anything that comes your way, finding out what your passion is early on and going for it, reading everything you can get your hands on how to land a career straight out of college and seeking out mentors. Also, I found that crafting your resume to stand out both content and design wise gives you a few bonus points.

Q: How did social media help/ effect your job search?

A: It helped pretty tremendously – especially when it came to receiving advice. I would engage in Twitter chats, constantly scan Twitter for any job postings using buzzwords like “#marketingjobs” and again, finding articles relevant to your job search

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 3.41.31 PM

~This twitter account tweets constant jobs around in world in Marketing/ advertising fields. I use it as a reference to look for jobs.

Q: What advice do you have for college grads looking for a job?

A: Reach out! Stay connected to the companies you love on the internet and on their social media networks and engage them in conversation any chance you get.  Another pointer I have — make your own website. Put your portfolio on there and start a blog. It’ll all be worth it, I promise.


College graduation at Pitt

~ Here is a neat article from huffington post about finding a job!


Q: What social media platforms is your company on?

A: Kyruus has a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and most recently, Instagram. We also have a blog that we post a ton of thought leadership content on.

*These sites are used all day every day by the company

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 3.40.19 PM

Q: Do you think that showing personality on your social media is good or bad in job searches?

A: It’s probably the best thing you can do in my opinion — companies want to hire you for YOU. Let yourself shine.

*Kelsey`s key is to post only things you would be comfortable being on the front page of The New York Times

Q: What is the image you try to give across your social media platforms?

A: That I’m a young professional that loves what they do and cares about the world.

*Companies want to see that you have passion and will thrive in their environment.

Q: How do you feel professionalism and personality combine on social media?

A: I think social media is a great place to showcase both your passions and your personality — so let your interests shine through and I can almost guarantee you’ll have an employer who is a great fit interested soon.

* Employers are looking for people who use it as a“medium for expressing interest in their career passions and having meaningful conversations about current events and hot news topics.”


Q: If your company has social media, who runs it ? (is it a specified positions or engrained in everyones job?)

A: I run Kyruus’s social media as their marketing associate. I own the core responsibility of maintaining the company’s digital communications (website, blog and social media.)

*Said in conversation or other questions not included in the interview

~ denotes my voice


Interview with Kelsey Montgomery


3 thoughts on “Getting a Job from Someone Who Has One

  1. I’ve never thought to use Twitter as a resource for FINDING jobs, but I just followed the account that you mentioned. I love that the operator of that account recently posted, “I only post entry-level jobs.” So helpful for almost-graduates like us who clearly don’t have the 5309587 years of experience so many companies are looking for.

    Is that how she got her job, then? I would’ve loved to know what her college major was, how many jobs she applied to, how many rejections she received before landing this job, and to see some examples of what her personal social media account looked like when she got a job. Love that you included a screenshot of what her company’s Twitter feed looks like, and your questions were thoughtful and well-planned. I’d also be interested to know what her hiring process at that company was like, and how quickly after graduation she received the job.


  2. After recently accepting an offer for a full-time job, I can’t reiterate how valuable our peers are as resources. While your post is absolutely accurate, I also want to add how valuable the people we know with jobs are to our own success. I’m sure many of us have friends that graduated last year, or perhaps older brothers and sisters, etc. who all have jobs, and in a world where WHO you know is just as important as WHAT you know, use these people to your advantage. I definitely planned to leave college with the intent of taking some time off and leisurely applying to jobs over the summer, when a friend from my sorority who graduated last year reached out to me with a job opportunity. Within a day I was on the phone with her companies corporate recruiter, and a week later I was in their Philadelphia office accepting my offer. Obviously your experience, skills, and personality are what ultimately get you the job, our connections definitely make “getting your foot in the door” a lot easier.


  3. It is great that you were able to interview a recent graduate for this blog post. I think it is really interesting that she used Twitter to find a job! We have talked so much about what to post or not to post on social media without really talking about how to use it to seek out employers (outside of Linkedin).


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