Buffer: A Simple Tool to Improve Your Social Media Presence

You realize you have been spending too much of your day on the laptop posting, pinning, and tweeting at specific times for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You also feel you may be sending out too much content. Don’t feel overwhelmed by this, there are social media tools out there to help plan and organize your content at the right times with the right amount. When you start to Google these management tools, you will come across many options that will offer assistance to obtain the strategy to maintain and organize all of your content. The best social media management tools you will come across is Hootsuite, Buffer, IFTTT, Tweetdeck, Social Flow, and Sprout Social. So your asking which one is most suitable for your needs?


Let’s say you only send content out to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.Your best choice to start out with is the Buffer tool. Yes Hootsuite is known as the most popular social media management tool, but if your main concern is only to schedule your posts and tweets and pins at specific times, Buffer is the best option. They offer a specific scheduling flexibility and allow you to designate patterns throughout the week. This does not happen with Hootsuite. Buffer also lets you publish and schedule content to all your social networks. Say you want to schedule 3 tweets a day 4 hours apart; Buffer allows you to build a schedule for those tweets ahead of time. You also can schedule the same content to multiple channels at the same time. Hootsuite does not offer this option. Buffer does offer analytics, which is limited to only seeing how many likes, shares, and tweets get viewed.



However, there are a few downs sides to Buffer that you may feel are more important to set up with Hootsuite. If you want to view your Twitter feed, that is not an option. If you want to directly interact with your followers, that is not an option. Although Hootsuite is the bigger management tool that allows you to respond and interact with your followers and have bigger analytics; there are a few drawbacks. When you are navigating through the site, it can be very complex and less user friendly. It takes more time to instruct your way throughout Hootsuite. The cost is more expensive although there are free and low cost plans available, but there are limits to your  bigger analytics and credits.

After you think and plan out which social media management tool will work out the best for you, just remember to start out with a tool that is easy and simple. Gain an understanding  with the pros and cons for each tool to figure out what will work the best for you and your social media content. Start out with Buffer, then possibly at a later time you can change up to a more complex system such as Hootsuite. In the end, your main goal  is to create a strong social media presence that leads to brand awareness, well established customer relationships, useful feedback, and improving traffic throughout your channels.

Social media is mostly what consumes our time when we are online. We want to free up our day for more important things such as more important work, family time, and personal time.




4 thoughts on “Buffer: A Simple Tool to Improve Your Social Media Presence

  1. This was a great post! It was really helpful that you gave a comparison between Buffer and Hootsuite. It made me realize that I should probably start out with Buffer because for right now I just want to schedule my posts, I don’t necessarily want to interact through a management tool. At least not yet- if I can get scheduling down then maybe I’ll feel confident enough for more! 🙂 Thanks for the tip.


  2. I hadn’t heard of Buffer before it was brought up in class the other day! I think it’s good that there are some options for social media scheduling and monitoring to accommodate people’s needs and skill-level. For one of my internships, we use HubSpot inbound marketing system, which allows us to schedule social media posts and see how many interactions we get. It’s really helpful to use systems like these to plan out content and time lines of marketing campaigns and events.


  3. This post is great! I like that it expands on my post about social media strategy and the way that people can become more effective social media users. I have used Hootsuite in the past for Beachbody and CHAARG, but I always find myself giving up on it and relying on myself to remember to post. After reading this, I’m going to check out Buffer and see how this works for my organizations and internships. 🙂


  4. This is SO helpful, Lisa! I currently started volunteering for an ethical clothing company based out of Mozambique, Africa. I’m doing all their social media, and I’m trying to find the perfect scheduling platform. I currently have Hootesuite, but it sounds like the features that Buffer offer’s are far better. This is something I’ll definitely look into.



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