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Celebrities have it hard. And by that I mean that whatever they do get critiqued in every single way no matter if what they are doing is good or bad. With social media growing, it has become a great outlet for celebrities to express themselves, market themselves, and more. But it can also be a crucial outlet because of how the world analyzes their lives. So, this has caused some celebrities to be very mindful of what they are doing or saying on these social media platforms. Danny Rubin actually made an article about writing less and saying more. In that article he discusses brevity and how it can be very beneficial when writing. Sometimes taking out needless words is key when it comes to saying what you want to say. This made me think of celebrities and how they have developed their social media pages so they aren’t saying too much, but are still saying enough.


Beyoncé (you guys know I love her) is a very good example of a celebrity who says less – but still happens to gets her point across. Beyoncé has always been meticulous with what she does. Instagram is definitely a place where she doesn’t post much, but she posts just enough to keep you updated with what she is doing. For example, unlike many celebrities who reveal their pregnant bellies by letting the public pry into their lives or guess if they are pregnant, Beyoncé waited until the perfect time to post a picture that let the world know she pregnant again. What was truly great about the picture was that she posted a picture in minimal clothes that showed her baby bump because of the rumors that surfaced 5 years ago that said she wasn’t pregnant with her first daughter Blue. Her posting this picture below was basically her saying “I’m a woman who takes pride in being pregnant. I’m still a normal human being like the rest of you – so don’t even say that I’m not really pregnant this time” without her really having to say it. Again, this is similar to what Rubin was saying but with a twist: Post Less – Say More.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 9.40.54 AM.png

Although Beyoncé has mastered the post less, say more technique, there are plenty of celebrities that do the same exact thing. The beautiful and talented singer, Alicia Keys, is a really good example of posting less and saying more. Last year, Alicia Keys began to post pictures of her not wearing make up on Instagram. Now some celebrities do this just for the hell of it, but when Alicia kept posting pictures of her bare face, the public started to ask questions. While the public kept asking questions, she did not respond. The public later discovered from an interview Alicia Keys did was the message she was trying to convey was the fact that you don’t have to wear makeup to be considered beautiful. Still till this day, Alicia Keys hasn’t touched make up.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.01.28 AM.png

I think both of these ladies do a great job at saying what they have to say through their Instagram posts without having to spell everything out for people. I think that’s how many celebrities should be and I also think that is how regular people should be. I say this because the less you post, or the more careful and meticulous you are behind your posts will benefit you in the long run, especially if you have employers looking at your social media or you are conducting business on social media. So, post less – say more. Be careful with your pictures. AND Be careful with your words.

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4 thoughts on “Post Less – Say More

  1. I absolutely agree! I have been seeing the idea of posting less, more frequently on social media platforms such as Instagram. I find that the more an image can tell you, the more meaningful it can be and longer it can stick with you than a paragraph of text. People have begun posting as they speak; instead of their caption or post coming off as a public service announcement, it comes off as a conversation starter. A short sentence, personally, is much easier to respond and react too then a long paragraph filled with big words. Paragraphs and bigger words can be intimidating and often I find myself having difficulty remembering 1 or 2 main things to take away from them if I see them on my feed. The shorter a post or caption is, the more powerful it can be. If you can say what you mean in a sentence or image instead of a paragraph, you may find it hits home with someone to a greater degree. And now I’m questioning the length of this comment.

    This paragraph summed up: The shorter the post, the more meaning each word may have.


  2. I love Beyonce too, and as her fan I half have a lot of respect for the fact that she is so private but also half wish I knew more about her life. However, it’s so interesting how much more of an icon Beyonce is because she is so private. A celebrity like Kim Kardashian is comparable in terms of being iconic, but her lack of privacy almost makes her less exciting and changes her entire public image overall. The way celebrities use social media changes their entire legacy, and people can even make judgments about someone based upon solely the frequency of posts regardless of content. Posting often on social media can give off the effect that a person is vain or self-absorbed, always wanting the public to know their thoughts, pictures, life events, and viewpoints.

    I know people our age that have never been fond of using social media, and they get asked about it often. My boyfriend does not post on social media at all, he simply uses Twitter to read others’ posts. Everyone we know always thinks this is a funny and interesting fact about him, and this lack of usage says lot about him. Those who use social media somehow always notice when others do not, even though you think the opposite would be the case: we may think that those who don’t use social media go unnoticed, but a lack of posts almost says more.


  3. This was a great post! Your examples of Beyoncé and Alicia Keys were spot on to get your point across to us readers. In addition to pictures saying more than words themselves, I think that another big aspect of the “post less, say more” idea that you touched on is the act of not posting. There are so many celebrities that post constantly and alert us of their every move, while there are others who do not post as often and keep us wondering what is going on in their daily lives. While this is apparent in celebrities, it is also very relevant to ordinary people like ourselves. For example, my mom follows a few of my high school friends on Instagram and she always complains about how one friend of mine is so annoying on Instagram because she is constantly posting what she is eating, doing or anything else going on in her life (but she is afraid to unfollow her because she doesn’t want to insult her). While some might find this amusing and entertaining, others might be annoyed by it because there is no need to be that informed on someone else’s life. On the contrary, there are some people who don’t post as often (myself included). I feel that it is more important to live in the moment and enjoy what you are doing rather than having to worry about getting the best picture so that you can post it later. In this type of presence, so much more is left to the imagination and this type of user has more privacy than that user who is posting multiple times a day.


  4. I love the examples you used for this! They definitely have learned the art of “post less- say more.” People get so wrapped up in the current events and just starting an argument that it creates a lot of social media drama. While I can appreciate when celebrities are confident enough to speak their minds and voice their opinions, whether it be about a current event or their own life choices, it tends to create a lot of negative feedback usually ending up with them in a bad light. I also have noticed that celebrities are more like to respond to these posts which only fuels the fire and get them more attention whereas if they ignore the comments, they got their point across and then leave it at that. While you focus on the use of Instagram (which is a great example of this because just a simple picture can say so much), I think it also applies on twitter especially because of the character limit. It can be a good way to keep a post concise but also makes people more likely to post multiple times which completely takes away the point of “posting less.” I could go on forever about this because I tend to get wrapped up in the drama sometimes, but I’ll leave it at that!


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